What You Need to Throw a Successful Event

It's the peak of summer and events are happening everywhere. Concerts, sports, festivals, and fairs, and weddings are all in full swing. If you're planning an event, you know the stress that's involved in making sure everything goes right. Here's a list of tools you'll need to make sure everything goes smoothly not only for yourself, but also for your guests.

1. A Generator

Lighting is essential for any event, and having a generator to power your lights, music, speakers, and caterers will make it simple. In the cooler months, consider adding an outdoor fireplace to add ambiance and also heat.

2. A Dance Area

If there's music, there's dancing. Whether you have a dance floor or some grass, make sure there's an area for your party people to boogie. DJs might also require staging, especially for outdoor events. Communicate with everyone involved to keep your stress at a minimum.

3. A Tent

While not technically necessary, having a large tent to cover the event will protect everyone from the elements in case it decides to rain. It will also add a layer of protection for your tables, music equipment, and food- soggy food sucks!

4. Fans

If your event is being hosted somewhere hot and humid, having a few large industrial size fans will be a game changer. When guests are cool and not overheating, they party harder and will have an all around much better experience.

5. The Fence Tray

You won't want to be at another event without this. The Fence Tray is a portable table; it attaches to any chain-link fence, and a few well-placed trays will save the day for anyone with their hands full. A perfect spot to place food, drinks, a purse, phone, or just about anything else you might be carrying, fence trays will have your guests thanking you for keeping their stuff off the ground and giving them a home base even while standing.

As you can see, a lot goes into planning the perfect event- a lot more than it might initially seem. With the right tools and the right level of preparation, your event can be your town's next success story.

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