10 Must-Have Tools for Every Security Guard

A security guard without the right equipment is like Santa without his sleigh. How can you do your job properly, not to mention safely, without the proper tools? Your performance will thank you once you're equipped with everything on this list.

1. Uniform

This one is obvious as its an essential part of a guard's equipment. This is what makes him or her recognizable in a crowd, and each security guard should be dressed properly while working.

2. Combat Boots

Most security personnel spend their hours on their feet. With this in mind, it's important that their footwear is up to par not only in safety, but also in comfort. 

3. Utility Belt

This is a must when it comes to equipment for a security guard. The utility belt keeps everything in one place and with them at all times. It allows for a quick reaction during times of trouble.

4. Bulletproof Vest

Not only is it convenient, but it could save your life. A bulletproof vest will offer protection against incoming fire or in a situation that turns physical. 

5. Flashlight

A high-quality flashlight is major for the safety of yourself and others, especially when patrolling at night. A spare set of batteries could also save the day, so keep those on hand (just in case).

6. Handgun or Taser

An armed guard offers much greater protection to citizens than unarmed, and many jobs require carrying a weapon while on duty. 

7. First-Aid Kit

A mini-first aid kit can come in handy, whether it's for someone with a small cut or a larger emergency. 

8. Pen and Paper

Ol' reliable. It never fails (or dies) and is easy to bring everywhere. Keep a small notepad and a pen for writing down information in times of trouble or to hand out details to someone in need.

9. Communication Device

Whether it's a walkie talkie or a radio, it's essential to be able to communicate with others for backup, updates, or to verify other's locations. 

10. The Fence Tray

All this equipment does no good without a place to put it. When you're at your base or security gate, attach the Fence Tray to the fence for easy access to the items you may need. Increase convenience, increase safety.

Security guards keep our events and neighborhoods safe. While the most important item to have is common sense and good judgement, these tools can help you be prepared for every situation. Always be ready, and keep protecting our people. 💪


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