18 Items You Need for Your Next Concert or Festival

Who doesn't love music? It brings people together and melts your stress away. I'm a big fan of catching my favorite bands when they're in my area, and occasionally concerts mean full on music festivals. These are totally different experiences than a small local concert or even an indoor show. Here's 18 items you'll need the next time you're headed to an outdoor concert or festival to keep the party going strong for you and your friends.

1. Backpack

The backpack- what an invention! This will carry everything you need wherever you go. When you're on a multi-day trip, your backpack will keep everything you need with you at all times. And everything else on this list will fit inside it!

2. Some Cash

But not too much cash! You'll need just enough to get you by for food and drinks. Not all vendors accept plastic, and ATM fees are ridiculous- especially at events like this. 

3. Charger/Battery Pack

At an all-day (or all weekend) event, your phone is bound to hit low battery. Don't miss any picture-perfect moments and never worry about not having a phone for emergencies.

4. Earplugs

Yes, it's a concert, and yes, it will get loud. Sometimes there will be multiple stages going, and sometimes, the artist is just awful. You never know when you might need earplugs. 

5. First Aid Kit

While we salute those about to rock, sometimes things get... a little too rowdy. When you find yourself in the middle of a mosh pit, keep your mind in the moment knowing that A. you're litty, and B. you have first aid for the inevitable damage you find afterwards.

6. Throat Lozenges

If it's a concert, you're going to be doing a good amount of singing (and yelling). After a few hours or days of this, you'll need a pick me up to keep you going, and the healthiest way is with some Halls.

7. Sunscreen

Don't be too busy partying to realize you're turning into bacon. Keep your skin happy and apply sunblock every few hours. Trust me, you won't want to spend your whole next week nursing a hangover AND peeling.

8. Sunglasses

They're cool, and you won't miss your favorite band starting straight into the sun. It's a win-win.

9. Bug Spray

On a hot summer day, the bugs might be out. Mosquitos can turn a good time into a bad time real quick, so be prepared. 

10. Hat

To pair with sunglasses, keep the sun out of your eyes, and if you have long hair like me, keep the hair out of your eyes, too.

11. Poncho

If it decides to rain on your parade, the party doesn't have to stop. Bring a rain poncho just in case; they're like three bucks and don't take up much space.

12. Blanket

At some point, you'll want to sit down and rest, and there might be a limited amount of seating available. Bring a blanket, find a nice patch of grass, and rest for a while. Also comes in handy while eating.

13. Hand Sanitizer

You might see and do some questionable things while you're out partying, so have some hand sanitizer to keep yourself clean for your next meal.

14. Napkins

They second as tissues- these will come in handy during a long day of sweating and jumping around in the dirt. And extra napkins while eating never hurt.

15. Snacks

To help avoid overpaying for all your meals, bring some snacks to tie you over. I'd recommend trail mix: tasty and filling.

16. Extra Socks

When it rains, it pours. Don't let some water and mud ruin your day, keep an extra pair of dry socks with you just in case.

17. Trash Bag

You're going to accumulate trash after a long day of partying, and that's not just the people you meet. Keep a trash bag with you for the times you're not near a garbage can, and you can even use it for your wet socks.

18. The Fence Tray

You'll never go to another outdoor event without it. A portable table that attaches to any chain link fence, the fence tray gives you an easy place to set your food, drinks, phone, or bag within arms reach without putting it on the floor. There might not be tables everywhere you go, but there will be a Fence Tray.

Most of these items you probably already have around the house, and no one likes the feeling of realizing they forgot something once they're already there. Save this list so the next time you're packing, you come ready to party.

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